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Success Stories


Kevin D | Age: 56

My experience with Suzanne’ coaching has been nothing but very positive. Suzanne provided a positive motivational experience, pushing me to reach my goals and athleticism.  Suzanne provided great nutritional education to help me in understanding the importance of proper fueling before, during and after training and race events.  Anytime I requested information, Suzanne always responded in a timely manner, making sure I had the information I needed.

I would recommend anyone who wanted to improve their athletic, nutrition and mental performance to work with Suzanne.

Andrew P | Age: 36

Suzanne Gilbert was my first coach in the endurance world and I could not have been more blessed.  I had many strengths as an athlete yet Suzanne found a way for me to focus on the bigger picture.  Her passion to use proper form and technique was a great foundation.  Even better was her focus on attitude.  She was able to completely change my perspective on sport and always be positive regardless of the situation.  That process has bled over into my life and I could not be more thankful for her guidance as a coach.  I do not run a race without thinking of the things I learned from Suzanne.

Angie W | Age: 33

I chose Suzanne to coach me for the swim portion of my first triathlon in August 2013. After years of running, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try a triathlon. I signed up for a sprint distance triathlon. In the beginning of July I had no idea how to swim the basic front crawl. With some wonderful coaching by Suzanne, in less than 6 weeks I not only learned how to swim but gained confidence in the open water. I went on to not just complete my first triathlon in August, but finished in the top 10% overall! I could not have had such a positive, competitive experience on the triathlon course without Suzanne’s guidance.

Susan R | Age: 46

Suzanne Gilbert of Go Get Fit was my swim coach for my first triathlon. I was impressed with her enthusiasm and dedication in having me succeed at my first multi-sport event.  I had major “swim anxiety” because I lacked open water swim experience. During our many swim sessions together, we worked on how to enter the water, relax while stroking, how to sight with the buoys and the proper way to exit the water during a race.  We also focused on using positive mantras in the water and during my event. This type of positive self-talk saved my entire race. By the time we finished training together, I felt completely prepared to take on my first triathlon. I appreciated the fact that Suzanne supporting me during my race. I heard her cheering me before, during and after my race.

Anna L | Age: 25

Suzanne has been my swim, bike and run coach for several years. She has nurtured my desire to compete in my first duathlon, 10 mile run race as well as my first century bike ride. Suzanne’s passion for fitness has motivated me to train hard and work smarter. Her comprehensive training plans are easy to understand and follow. They have included strength training, nutrition, and injury prevention. She has a personalized hands-on approach to coaching that helped me train through running plateau’s. She  instilled within me a confidence to accomplish athletic goals I never knew were possible. I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Suzanne in the past and look forward to working with her on my new goals.

Andrew H | Age: 26

Suzanne’s approach to training is easy to follow, comprehensive, individualized, and fun. I was so impressed by Suzanne’s attention to detail and constant communication as she answered all my questions and pushed me to a new fitness level. Her follow up with emails and calls was nothing short of amazing.

From easy to follow training plans, to simple nutrition tips, she was very comprehensive in her approach to training. She seemed to know what I needed to hear at all times, her motivational skills consistently connected me back to my purpose (especially during those tough moments during workouts). She also kept things light and fun during those hard training times. She was always there with a friendly smile. Thanks to Suzanne, I was able to shatter my finish time goal in my Duathlon event and felt really strong competing on the course.

 Rachel A | Age: 55

Suzanne was my coach for the Minneapolis Duathlon .I can’t tell you how much this event transformed my life, and Suzanne had much to do with that transformation. I was 55 years old when I started training with Suzanne, and although I had ambition and desire, I was certainly not in shape to even start this race much less complete it.

Suzanne’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She deeply cares about the skills of each individual and guides us in a way that does not allow for failure or frustration. She knows when to push and when to let you rest. She communicates well in person and through frequent emails. She never left a base uncovered when it came to total preparation for this event.

Her training regiment was very specific, well planned, and well executed. By race day, I was more than ready to tackle this adventure. Please keep in mind that I had not run 10 feet in the past 30 years. I completed the race 30 minutes faster my goal and came in second in my age group! Suzanne gets the credit.

Michelle K | Age: 45

I first met Suzanne when I signed up to compete in an Olympic distance triathlon with Team in Training.  Suzanne was our coach.  I had competed in triathlons prior to that so I knew what I was getting into.  However, several of the other individuals that signed up had never competed in a triathlon and really did not understand the commitment they were making.  I was impressed with Suzanne’s knowledge of the sport and the way the training sessions were conducted.  I was even more impressed with her enthusiasm and motivational practices that helped the less experienced individuals feel like they could compete with veterans.

Suzanne was extremely dedicated and provided each member of the team with training plans that could be utilized outside of group sessions as well constant email follow-up to ensure we were getting what we needed to succeed.  She not only provided sound training plans, but important nutrition education and mental toughness strategies that played a huge role each teammates  success.

She always works hard, preaches to ‘never give up’ and puts her clients first.

Erin Q | Age: 28

I met Suzanne through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training (TNT) sport endurance program. She was my coach for the 2011 Minneapolis Duathlon event.

Having never ridden a road bike, or having competed in a race of this nature, I was very intimidated and concerned about my ability to succeed in my goal to finish the race. All of that was squashed after meeting with Suzanne for my first training. She paid extra-special attention to my fears regarding the biking portion of the race, and she was never hesitant to compliment and encourage me as I achieved milestones in my training progress.

Suzanne allowed me to set realistic goals for myself.  In addition to giving me strategic advice in order to gain a competitive edge, she allowed me to feel confident on race day. We had thoroughly prepared for many unforeseen obstacles, and I was able to enjoy the race-day atmosphere without worry.

Suzanne is a truly phenomenal athlete, mentor and coach, who has demonstrated her unyielding ability to succeed in many different endurance events. I know that Go.Get.Fit., will be a huge success because of the impact Suzanne has had on my life. She has seen many TNT athletes to the finish line, and I know she will continue to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Ursula W | Age: 73

I have enjoyed worked with Suzanne on strength, balance and flexibility training for several months. I would highly recommended working with Suzanne on an individual basis. She helps me feel comfortable when we work together. My strength and balance have greatly improved. I now feel more confident riding my bike around the city lakes.